LinguaCog provides speech/language services to students from Kindergarten through high school, as well as preschoolers on a case-by-case basis. Services include the evaluation and treatment of language disorders, speech-sound disorders, fluency disorders, and communication disorders in children with severe disabilities (e.g., Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Intellectual Disability, and more). Most clients will begin with an evaluation, followed by individual teletherapy for 30-60 minutes per session, 1-2 sessions per week.

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LinguaCog specializes in therapeutic services for children and adults with cognitive impairments, including ADHD or Traumatic Brain Injury (i.e., concussion). Therapy is designed to help clients succeed in the school or workplace setting, whether that requires explicit instruction in strategies, or coaching/training in supports. Most clients will begin with an evaluation, followed by individual teletherapy for 30-60 minutes per session, 1-2 sessions per week, until the client's goals have been met.


Whether you or your child has attentional/behavioral difficulties, challenges with reading or writing, or perhaps just needs extra individualized support, LinguaCog can help clients reach their academic goals. Academic support is available at all levels, from early grade school through college-level courses. No evaluation is required; reach out for a free consultation to determine if our services are appropriate for you.

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Each client, regardless of their disorder, age, or services sought, is eligible for a free consultation prior to evaluation. This will ensure that LinguaCog is prepared to provide the individualized support that you need. During this initial consultation, we will discuss your needs, explain the evaluation process, and share our therapeutic approach.

There are several reasons a client may wish to continue through a coaching or consultative model even after the initial free session. For example, some clients (e.g., very young children, children with behavior problems, or perhaps those with severe disabilities) are better served through parent-directed interventions than through the traditional teletherapy model. For these clients, parents and caregivers can schedule their own sessions to learn and practice the techniques they can use with their children. These sessions can be shorter than most therapy sessions (15+ minutes per session), and are individualized based on client needs.

Additional consultation services include reviews of IEPs, 504s, and evaluation reports; advocacy at school meetings, and speaking engagements including conferences or professional development. Please reach out if you have any questions, or if you would like to see our testimonials.