1) Reach out by filling out the form at the bottom of this page, or by email ( or calling/texting (828) 331-0306.

2) We will schedule a free 15-minute consultation, during which we will discuss your specific communication or academic concerns, the types of services sought, and what the evaluation process will look like.

3) If you are seeking speech/language/cognitive services, or if a disorder is suspected, we will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the nature and severity of the impairment, and to inform the appropriate service goals and plans. You will likely get some feedback on the day of the evaluation, but your results may not be ready for up to a week after the evaluation.

4) We will schedule a follow-up to share evaluation results, and to discuss a treatment plan and schedule.

5) Based on the results of the evaluation, LinguaCog Learning Center will help you reach your goals through individualized telepractice services.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


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